Get to know... Nargis Fakhri

Updated on Jul 07, 2023 09:39 PM IST

Actor Nargis Fakhri's high point in life is waking up healthy every day. She starts her day with protein and no carbs to reduce cravings. Her next big splurge is a cabin in the woods. She checks WhatsApp before bed and her favorite Sunday memory is going to church. She was star-struck when she met 50 Cent. She despises people who are two-faced. The best thing about fame is being able to inspire people, while the worst thing is the lack of anonymity.

Nargis Fakri I starts her day with protein and no carbs as it reduces cravings.

Listicle: 10 celebrity cameos in films and TV shows

Sorry we missed you. These 10 shows and movies feature big stars in small, blink-and-you-miss-them parts. Hmmm. Needs rewatching

Daniel Craig played a stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015).
Updated on Jul 07, 2023 09:38 PM IST

Weekend Drive by Hormazd Sorabjee: The hills are alive

... with the sound of the Audi S5 Sportback, a luxury sedan that finds the right balance between comfort and performance

The S5 Sportback is effortless and engaging, managing to reach 100kph in under five seconds, which is not as quick as the more ferocious RS-badged Audis, but quick enough for most occasions.
Updated on Jul 07, 2023 09:34 PM IST

Spectator by Seema Goswami: Complimentary angles

Compliments can be tricky and easily misunderstood. In a world where political correctness is prominent, some find it hard to accept or give compliments. The best response is a simple "thank you."

Amy Schumer’s compliment sketch features her and her friends giving and expertly deflecting compliments, making fun of the common belief that women are awful at accepting praise.
Updated on Jul 07, 2023 09:31 PM IST
BySeema Goswami

Rude Food by Vir Sanghvi: Sealing in the flavours

Many of our iconic dishes aren’t as old as they seem. Authenticity matters. But so does innovation. So, where do we draw the line?

Iconic dishes like Tamil Nadu’s masala dosa have evolved over the years, but that doesn’t make them any less authentic. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Jul 07, 2023 09:29 PM IST

Reels, posts, sex ed. Talkin’ about a revolution

Orgasms, consent, self-pleasure, intimacy, creativity, even sex toys. India is opening up to sexual wellness online. See how three experts are driving the trend

A shocking number of women go through adulthood, maybe even though a relationship, without having orgasmed ever. (Illustration by Malay Karmakar)
Updated on Jul 07, 2023 09:27 PM IST
ByUrvee Modwel

All you need to know about freezing your eggs

More Indian women are opting to freeze their eggs for safer and healthier pregnancies when the time is right. Here’s what you need to know

Priyanka Chopra Jonas froze her eggs in her early 30s and had her daughter, Malti Marie, in January 2022 via surrogacy.
Updated on Jul 07, 2023 09:25 PM IST

Romance or regret? How to stay safe on a date

Dating can be tricky. Bad dates veer from the dull to the dangerous. Here’s how to swipe left on app-solute chaos

A date may not turn out to be a serial killer. But a boring one can still ruin an evening. Jason, on The Mindy Project (2012-2017), was a culture critic and a total snob. Who wants to be put down constantly on a date?
Updated on Jul 07, 2023 09:23 PM IST
ByRiddhi Doshi

Fight the ‘fix’ation: Your partner is not your pet project

Well-intended love can only go so far. It’s not a woman’s job to fix a man. Heed the signs to know when to stay and when to leave

In The Simpsons (1989-) Homer often sincerely wants to do what’s best for Marge, but fails in execution. She leaves him after one couples therapy session. There’s even a short divorce. Strangely, she continues to stay with him.
Updated on Jul 07, 2023 09:19 PM IST
ByKarishma Kuenzang

The Brunch round-up: The week and how it made us feel

Loving Konkona Sen Sharma’s direction, confused about new colours and cheering for the South Park boys

Casa Bonita, a 50-year-old Mexican restaurant in Colorado, US, owned by South Park TV show producers Matt Stone and Trey Parker, has finally abolished tipping.
Updated on Jul 07, 2023 09:17 PM IST
ByRachel Lopez

Temper your tantrum: Can rage rooms help you let off steam?

Rage rooms are a roaring success. But are they making anger management issues better or worse? We examine the issue calmly

Studies indicate that physical violence can be cathartic. But the stress release is short-lived. The dopamine rush could build up to an addiction. Or make you angrier. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Jul 03, 2023 07:14 PM IST

Even with nothing on: Intimate photoshoots take over bedrooms

Would you pose for intimate portraits? For many, it’s self-expression, body positivity, a way to fight back against artificial perfection

Model Simi Dass photographed by Shivaji Sen. Erotic photography can be liberating, Sen says. (All photos courtesy Shivaji Storm Sen)
Updated on Jul 01, 2023 07:17 PM IST
ByUrvee Modwel

Get to know... Shriya Pilgaonkar

The actor and filmmaker talks about the superpowers she wishes she had, living a healthy life and doing what she loves

Advice Shriya Pilgaonkar would give her 18-year-old self? “Trust your instincts. Also, do not thread your eyebrows too much. They will not grow back”. (Shivam Gupta)
Updated on Jul 01, 2023 12:35 PM IST
ByPurnima Goswami Sharma

Listicle: 10 sari moments in cinema that stopped India in its tracks

Summary: A list of iconic Bollywood film costumes worn by actresses such as Alia Bhatt, Aishwarya Rai, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Katrina Kaif, Mrunal Thakur, Priyanka Chopra, Shraddha Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, and Trisha Krishnan.

Gangubai (Alia Bhatt) favours cotton in the 2022 film, wearing it Gujarati style.
Updated on Jul 01, 2023 12:34 PM IST
BySneha Krishnan

Spoilers Ahead by Rajeev Masand: Switched at birth

When one actor turns down a career-defining role over scheduling conflicts or creative differences, another actor wins

The Indian adaptation of The Night Manager stars Aditya Roy Kapur (above), whose performance is being lauded. The role was originally offered to Hrithik Roshan.
Updated on Jul 01, 2023 12:32 PM IST
ByRajeev Masand

Spectator by Seema Goswami: Joy meets girl

The author shares a list of things they love about life, including lazy mornings, coffee, easy access to books, long-haul flights without Wi-Fi, living in a vibrant city, and the joy of coming home.

Living in Delhi has its perks, from the beautiful parks to the museums and monuments such as Humayun’s Tomb. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Jul 01, 2023 12:31 PM IST
BySeema Goswami

Rude Food by Vir Sanghvi: Going against the green

Most vegan food is ultra-processed. Most meatless meat products taste disgusting. In the coming years, expect more confusion with ‘natural’, ‘meatless’ and ‘ethical’ foods

Many restaurants offer meatless-meat burgers and other products that mimic the taste of meat. Some use beetroot to imitate the look of blood to tickle the tastebuds of non-vegetarians who have gone vegan. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Jul 01, 2023 12:29 PM IST

Huma Qureshi: These are a few of my least favourite things

Turns out, Huma Qureshi – actor, dancer, celebrity, citizen, woman and internet addict – is only human. Here’s what pisses her off

Being a celebrity pisses Huma off. “It’s not all fun and games. Sometimes when you go somewhere, you don’t want to be recognised. You want to slip in and slip out, but that’s just not possible,” she says. Make-up: Ritika Vats; Hair: Nargis; Styled by: Huma Qureshi. (Photographer: Ayush Gupta)
Updated on Jul 01, 2023 12:23 PM IST
ByUrvee Modwel

DMs across Kms: How to nourish a long-distance friendship

Long-distance friendships are a reality of adulthood. A guide to keeping your relationship alive by growing up, but not apart

When a friend moves away, it’s normal to feel impatient, insecure or jealous. Like (below) Will did in Season 4 of Stranger Things. What matters if that you work on figuring your new equation.
Updated on Jul 01, 2023 12:18 PM IST
BySneha Krishnan

Pronouns and prejudice: When your pronouns are they/them

Being constantly misgendered is exhausting, says a non-binary Delhi resident. It can break networks but build them too

Ambar’s childhood friends are yet to adapt to their they/them pronouns. Ambar says, “If they can’t understand my identity, why am I friends with them?” (Photo: PradeepGaurs / Shutterstock)
Updated on Jul 01, 2023 12:12 PM IST
ByAmbar Himanshi Sanjay

The Brunch round-up: The week and how it made us feel

This week: Mission: Impossible sequel, new relationship signal, iPhone autocorrect, Jurassic Park anniversary, tech billionaires, movie adaptation halted.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1, is part seven in the MI franchise.
Updated on Jul 01, 2023 12:10 PM IST
ByHT Brunch Team

Get to know... Ankur Tewari

Ankur Tewari is mentoring artists for Ballantine's True Music. His high point was Gully Boy while his low points become high points when he writes about them.

A secret skill Ankur Tewari has? He can make good butter chicken.
Updated on Jun 23, 2023 05:30 PM IST

Listicle: She’s everything. He’s...

... just Ken. The tagline for the new Barbie film, out in July, has us hooked. Here are 10 onscreen heroines who deserved better.

Deepika Padukone keeps falling for Ranbir’s character in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, giving in to his toxic and selfish whims and fancies.
Updated on Jun 23, 2023 05:28 PM IST
ByKarishma Kuenzang

Weekend Drive by Hormazd Sorabjee: A Mercedes E-Class holds its ground

A drive through Jordan in a Mercedes E-Class takes the author to historical sites, including the Citadel, Jerash, Wadi Rum and Petra, ending at the Dead Sea.

Highways in Jordan are more or less smooth but are sprinkled with rough patches and some nasty potholes, which the E-Class stoically soaks up.
Updated on Jun 23, 2023 05:24 PM IST

Spectator by Seema Goswami: We. Were. On. A. Break!

The terrible lows after the many highs of a good vacation can be taxing. But there are ways to overcome the back-to-work blues.

A relaxing vacation (as in The Holiday, 2006) can often make coming back home harder.
Updated on Jun 23, 2023 05:20 PM IST
BySeema Goswami

Rude Food by Vir Sanghvi: Shakshuka, and great eggspectations

Shakshuka and its many variations have gone global. Could a Parsi dish be the Indian cousin that’s been under our noses all along?

Shakshuka, which originated in North Africa, is not difficult to make and the ingredients are inexpensive; most countries have their own version of the dish. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Jun 23, 2023 05:19 PM IST

Every day is the weekend now. See how the change has rolled out across India

Tables are full, no one’s waiting for Friday night to go out. The party starts as early as Monday, in cities across India, as people head out every day of the week for a good time.

At restaurants and bars like the Khar Social in Mumbai, there are music gigs, sports screenings and shopping events through the week. (Anshuman Poyrekar / HT PHOTO)
Updated on Jun 23, 2023 05:15 PM IST
ByAnushree Chatterjee

Tiny Desk, global stage: HT Brunch interviews Sid Sriram

Carnatic music tends to sound incompatible with R&B, jazz and the Blues. So how did Sid Sriram get it all to blend so well?

Sid Sriram’s family moved to the US in 1991. He was trained by his mother, Latha, who runs a music school in the Bay Area. (instagram\@anilm24 via @sidsriram)
Updated on Jun 23, 2023 05:08 PM IST
ByKarishma Kuenzang

Texting, texting. Is this thing on? Notes from Gen Z on how to use chat apps

Why do people still make calls? We’ve lived long enough with tech to start deploying some filters. Here’s what to use when. And why.

Netflix documentary-drama The Social Dilemma focusses on how big social-media companies manipulate users by using algorithms that encourage addiction to their platforms.
Updated on Jun 23, 2023 05:06 PM IST
BySneha Krishnan

Degrees of separation: Should you sign up for an elite varsity’s online course?

Who wouldn’t want Harvard, Cornell or MIT on their CV? But the courses are expensive; fees start at ₹1 lakh. Are they worth the time, money and trouble?

On The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon (right) would make fun of Howard for having a degree from MIT. However, most elite universities offer good online learning opportunities, such as the MicroMasters credential programs offered by MITx.
Updated on Jun 23, 2023 05:01 PM IST
ByUrvee Modwel
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