Optical Illusion: Can you find the hidden number in this picture?

Jul 11, 2023 12:04 PM IST

A black-and-white optical illusion shared on Twitter is leaving people scratching their heads as they try to spot the hidden number within the image.

Optical illusions are plenty online. They challenge our perception and leave us questioning the reliability of our own senses. From deciphering hidden images to experiencing illusions of motion, these pictures and videos prompt us to look beyond the obvious. While some of them are headscratchers, others provide an entertaining escape from the stresses of daily life. Just like this optical illusion shared on Twitter. The black-and-white optical illusion challenges people to spot the hidden number. Are you ready to delve deeper into this and explore the hidden number?

This optical illusion has a hidden number. Can you see it?(Twitter/@benonwine)
This optical illusion has a hidden number. Can you see it?(Twitter/@benonwine)

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The optical illusion was shared on the Twitter handle @benonwine. It asks a simple question, “What do you see?” The black-and-white optical illusion that is baffling Twitter has a number hidden in plain sight. Can you spot the number?

Check out the hidden number optical illusion right here:

The optical illusion was shared on July 10 on Twitter. It has since collected more than 28,000 views, and the numbers are still increasing. Many even flocked to the post’s comments section to share their thoughts. While some compared the illusion to everyday objects, such as an oven hood filter cover or a road engineer’s cable television connector, others identified shapes like six-pointed stars within the illusion. A few humorously associated the illusion with the onset of a migraine or a headache.

When presented with the optical illusion, here’s how people reacted:

“The cover on my oven hood filter,” expressed a Twitter user. Another added, “Six pointed stars?” “Well it appears to be a metal pre filter for a kitchen extractor hood,” posted a third. A fourth commented, “It’s one of those covers on the roads engineers use to connect your cable television with a number 2 on it.” “Number 2 but only when I held my phone arm’s length away from my eyes,” shared a fifth. “A migraine!” wrote a sixth while another joined, “A headache starting.”

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